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Our GenLife business is a global business, and we promote that our GenLife Health Advisors work on a global scale. That is why you can sponsor new team members across borders, and you will be rewarded for foreign team member's work, as well as for in-country ones. 


The Senior levels in our compensation plan will sometimes help our business in a different country by doing a presentation, or helping out another GenLife Health Advisor, even though that may not be directly influencing your bonus. That is why we have created the Senior Pool. 


When you currently hold the Senior Associate, Diamond Ambassador or Double Diamond Ambassador status of any rank, and you have done so in the last 12 months, you are eligible to a share of the Senior Pool. We put in 4% of our total annual sales, and we split the pool every year according to the following graph. 

It makes sense to support our company and brand worldwide, as you will be rewarded based for those efforts as well. 

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