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Our royalty commission is designed to provide you with long-term residual income based on the auto ship purchases that are made across 8 generations of your organisation. A generation is defined as the horizontal levels going down in your team. Everyone who is sponsored front-line to you is called your first generation. Everyone sponsored by the people who are on your front line, is called your second generation. As you build your team of GenLife Health Advisors, we analyse your team in generational levels, from first generation to 8th generation (depending on your qualifying rank). We pay a percentage on the combined product autoship purchases in every generation. The higher your rank, the deeper you get paid on your generational volume. The following table gives you an overview of the levels that we pay. 

Genlife Compensation Plan.png

As an example, when you qualify as a Genlife Health Ambassador in a given month, you will receive a total Royalty commission of 4% of the combined auto ship product sales of your first generation of team members, 4% on your second generation, 8% on your third generation, 4% on your fourth generation, 4% of your fifth generation, and 4% on your sixth generation, and 4% on your seventh generation. If you also want to receive commission on your eigth generation, you have the qualify at the Emerald Health Ambassador Status or higher. 

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