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Launch Bonus has been designed to promote duplication, one of the most important aspects of building a successful direct sales business. Everytime a personally sponsored GenLife Health Advisory sponsors someone new in the business, you earn EUR 30 if they start with GenHealth, EUR 20 for GenBeauty, and EUR 50 if they start with both products. That is your reward for teaching the business to your team members. The personal upline of the sponsor receives 20, or 15, or 35 Euro respectively , and it goes on with EUR 10 and 5 to sponsors above that.  In this way, GenWealth ensures an incentive for leaders to teach the business to everyone in their team. The 20, 10, and 5 EUR earning potential depends on qualification ranks in GenWealth. 


The Launch Bonus is calculated looking up in the sponsor tree. That means we consider the structure of your personally sponsored people, disregarding the placed people. The person who has enrolled the GHA that registers the new GenTest receives an immediate EUR 30. Then GenWealth looks for the first upline GenLife Health Associate or higher during that month. This person receives EUR 20. The next upline GenLife Health Ambassador or higher receives EUR 10 and finally, the first upline GenLife Executive Diamond Health Ambassador or higher receives EUR 5. 


Should no higher rank be found during any step of this process, the payout chain ends. Every payment receiver can only receive one Launch Bonus payment.

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